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        ARRIVE TIME   Any time after 9 A.M. on day of arrival 

        CHECK OUT    When you’re ready to leave                       

                     *All in Eastern Standard Time

Check the calendar on the bottom of this page for available dates  

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Bring your sewing machine and projects for uninterrupted, quality time.  Classes or special projects should be organized by the group representative if desired.



$45/night of stay/person   No Meals

One meal/day can be added for $25/day/person.  That will also include cinnamon rolls one morning, continental breakfast the other mornings, unlimited snacks and drinks 24/7, door prizes (TTT), and fat quarters.   There is now a fire pit for your use, and I also will provide hot dogs and supplies, as well as smores!

No minimums at this time.  That may change in 2023.


Fully furnished kitchen available for use by the group

Group is responsible for kitchen clean-up

6 miles to a variety of fast food and sit-down restaurants in Trenton or bring your own


Please check calendar for available dates or call Fran
    home:  (706) 657-4296
cell:  (423) 322-7848
Look for dates that have “AVAILABLE” on them
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